The Benefits Of Using Plastic Injection Moulding To Create Interior Trim Pieces For Vehicles

3 April 2018
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The old adage 'it's what's inside that counts' applies just as much to cars and other vehicles as it does to human beings, and whether you make stock interior pieces for a major vehicle manufacturer or custom aftermarket interiors for modding enthusiasts, you want to ensure that the plastic portions of your interior trim pieces are made as well as they possibly can be. However, there are a number of ways to craft plastic interior trim for vehicles, and no two are quite alike. Read More 

A Look at Aluminium Anodising in Action

2 March 2018
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For metals such as steel and iron, exposure to oxygen can be a nightmare during the manufacturing process. This is because oxygen results in corrosion and rusting of the surface and can render the metallic raw materials unfit for downstream manufacturing. However, when aluminium is exposed to oxygen, its properties can become enhanced in many different ways. Anodising refers to the process of oxidising the surface of aluminium in order to enhance aesthetic appeal, add durability, or create a specific finishing on the surface. Read More