Two reasons why new food manufacturers must use waste oil disposal services

31 August 2023
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Here are two reasons why new food manufacturers who plan to use oil as part of their production processes must use waste oil disposal services. To prevent issues with the premises' drainage system One reason why a new food manufacturer should use this service is to prevent issues from arising with their facility's drainage system. Many of the oils that a food manufacturer may need to use to produce their food products (such as coconut oil) will be solid at room temperature and could quickly create blockages when they solidify, after being poured down the premises' drains in their liquified state. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Using Wooden Pallets For Transporting Goods

15 September 2022
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Transporting goods and products can be a tricky business. You want to make sure that your items are safe and secure during transport, but you also do not want to spend lots of money on packaging materials. That's where wooden pallets come in. Wooden pallets are an inexpensive and effective way to transport goods and products and offer several other benefits. This blog post looks at five benefits of using wooden pallets for transporting goods and products. Read More 

5 Reasons to Choose an Aluminium Flagpole

9 November 2021
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Are you looking to buy a flagpole? Whether it's for your home, business, school, etc., flagpoles are available in many options. That means finding the right one for your needs may not be as straightforward. The material is among the many things you will have to think about when you're in the market for a flagpole. Flagpoles typically come in a wide range of material options, including wood, fibreglass and metal. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Outsource Steel Fabrication Services

3 August 2021
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Steel fabrication is a complicated job that a lot of manufacturers have to deal with. If you have a metal project, you can either choose to do it yourself or outsource these services. In most cases, companies outsource services to reduce costs and stick to their business's core functions. However, outsourcing steel fabrication services could be beneficial for you. If you wonder why most people prefer to outsource these services, read on to find out. Read More 

Do You Follow These Waste Oil Management Best Practices?

15 March 2021
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If you are producing waste oil from your industrial processes, proper management is a must to ensure it doesn't contaminate the environment. Waste oil can be quite hazardous to the environment if handled improperly. It can become ignitable, corrosive, toxic or reactive to the environment if it mixes with other hazardous waste due to poor handling. That is why observing best practices when handling waste oil is crucial to ensure safe collection or disposal. Read More