Corporate Awards : Why You Should Give Trophies During Team Building Events

28 August 2015
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Every once in a while, corporate groups step out of their working environment and venture out for team building events. These events help to nurture trust, closer bonds and increased morale among the workforce. If you are in charge of organizing such an event, one other addition you should incorporate is trophies. Trophies can add the needed spark to make your team building event better in a number of ways.

Create some healthy competition

First, trophies will spur healthy competition. There are a number of challenges or activities carried out in team building events. With trophies in mind, the workforce will know that there is something tangible to lose or win after the events are over. Thanks to the trophies, therefore, the team members and groups will work harder as they compete against each other for the top performer slots. Consequently, there will be a higher level of morale and increased activity all around. Of course, the harder the members work, the more successful the team building event will be.

Inject excitement into the event

Trophies will also make every activity at the team building event fun. This will be brought about by the aspect of competition and the prospect of winning something at the end of the day. This is very important as it means your workforce will be enjoying their time at the event. The more fun your teams have, the more memorable the event will be. Awarding trophies during the event will also keep members longing for the next event as they look forward to participate and win when that time comes. All this will make team building a favorite activity in the company's calendar.

Recognize best performers at the event

Most importantly, awarding trophies during corporate team building events will create a benchmark for participation. Everyone will know who the best performers are. In turn, the best performing individuals or groups will get feted and enjoy recognition for  their extra input. On your part, you will be in a position to gauge the success of the event based on how well members perform against each other and in comparison to previous events.

There are a number of trophies you can choose for a team building event. You can go with large cup trophies or you can get customized trophies that depict the award category. You can also incorporate engraving and brand colors/logos to make the trophies unique and better-suited for the event.