Metal Finishing: Choosing the Right Powder Coat for Your Building Elements

18 May 2016
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When building or renovating your house, there are numerous metal features and elements that you will need to incorporate into the structure. These include balustrades, door frames, security screens and staircase rails. It is important to choose the right finish for these surfaces to ensure durability and enhanced aesthetics. One of the ideal finishing processes to consider is powder coating. This involves application of a free-flowing powder on the metal; the material is cured by heat application. This type of coating is normally tough, resistant to moisture and salinity and can be acquired in assorted colours and hues. Here are the primary forms of powder coats that you can select for your home building features.

Epoxy Coating

There are numerous advantages attached to choosing epoxy powder for your finishing processes. This type of coating product is normally prepared using a mixture of polymeric or plastic substances. The epoxy powder is highly resistant to impact and scratches when cured on the pertinent products. This means that it is not prone to chips, scratches and peeling like normal paint. Moreover, the coating is resistant to chemical damage due to its low reactivity, and it will not be affected by adverse temperatures. Unfortunately, epoxy is susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet radiation. The coating might form an unattractive whitish haze after continued exposure. So, consider this detriment before choosing this option.


Polyester is a popular material choice for powder coating manufacture. If you are planning on purchasing finished metal building features for your home with powder coatings, this is probably the product used by the manufacturer. This type of plastic is economical and widely available, so the finishing process will be fairly inexpensive. Polyester coats have high strength after application, so they can withstand mechanical impact and other potential sources of damage. Its elasticity will also prevent chipping and superficial damage due to varying temperature. Unlike epoxy powder, polyester is stable and can be used in outdoor places without the risk of UV degradation.


You should consider choosing an acrylic powder coating if you want a clear but hardwearing coating. For example, if you are installing aluminium balustrades in your modern home, you might want the sleek contemporary appearance of the metal incorporated into the design. The acrylic layer will provide a resilient layer that will resist accelerated wear without interfering with the colouring. This coating will offer ultraviolet resistance, stain protection, weatherproof properties and resistance to mechanical cracking, blistering and chemical corrosion.