Goal Post Safety - Tips For Teachers

13 October 2016
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Kids love to play football, whether for the school team or just for fun outside of school hours.  If you're a sports teacher or supervisor tasked with overseeing a kids' footie match, safety is clearly a priority.  One area where accidents sometimes occur is in the vicinity of the goal. 

So how do you make sure that everyone stays safe around the goal during your footie match?  Read on for some top tips.

  1. Before you kick-off, inspect the goal posts to make sure that there are no sharp or jagged edges or points.  
  2. Look out for any spots of rust in the posts or joins of the goal posts, especially where the cross bar joins; rust may indicate areas of weakness that could cause the post to collapse.  
  3. Look at the place where the posts join the ground to ensure that they are stable and not in a weakened state.  To check this, push the posts firmly and try to shake them.  Any movement could indicate a below ground issue that should be investigated before the goal posts are used.  
  4. The goal posts should appear to stand vertically and should not lean.  
  5. If the goal is a portable one, it should not tip easily when you lean on it, nor should it topple easily when pressure is applied from the rear.  If necessary, use stakes to ensure that the goal is firmly secured to the ground, making sure that the stakes can be removed easily.  
  6. Make sure that all portable goals are dismantled and safely stored away when not in use.  This prevents kids from staging an impromptu, unsupervised game of football during which the goal could be damaged.  
  7. Check that the hooks used to attach the nets to the posts are not open, presenting a possible hazard.  
  8. Nets should be undamaged without holes or tears that could cause injury should someone become tangled during a goalmouth scramble.  
  9. During play, make sure that the goal is not misused.  Kids should not be allowed to climb on the goal posts or nets or swing on the cross bar.

In conclusion

Football is an extremely popular game for school kids to be involved in and goal mouth action plays a crucial part in the excitement of a match.  Keep your junior players safe by following the tips given above to ensure that the goal posts and nets are well-maintained and in good condition. For more information, contact a business such as Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd.