2 Quick Tips for Improving Mining Safety and Efficiency

5 December 2016
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When you're in charge of a mine of any sort, you want to think about the overall safety and efficiency of the site, and not just the average output of harvested materials. Improving safety and ensuring comfort of your workers can actually improve their efficiency and, in turn, the output of a mine, so it's good to consider all these aspects of running a mine itself. Note a few tips for improving safety for your workers and the overall efficiency of your mine site as well.

Provide housing and transport for your workers

Many mines provide their own buses in and out of the mine sites themselves; these buses usually pick up workers at a remote location that is accessible to them and then drops them off at the site. This means not having to rely on public transportation for workers or worrying about how to accommodate private vehicles for those working on the site.

Temporary mining housing is not every expensive; dormitory style housing is easy for an outside company to set up with tanks for sewage and with fresh water supplies and generators for electricity as well. This can ensure your workers are safe on the site and is another reason you won't need to worry about workers who are late or absent because of unreliable transportation. Many workers may opt to stay in the housing just during the week, returning to their own homes on the weekends, which can reduce the cost of water, sewage treatment, and electricity for such housing.

Update the seating of mining equipment

Your mining equipment needs to be updated on occasion, but you may not think of the seat of diggers and other equipment itself. This seat is important for your workers and their safety as well as their efficiency; older seating with thin cushioning or springs that are worn down may not absorb much impact or many vibrations during work, causing pain and stiffness as well as headaches for your workers. In turn, they may call in sick more often.

Updated seating can also mean better safety features, including a harness rather than just a safety belt, arms that keep a worker safely in place as the equipment turns, and a headrest that can protect the back of his or her head from flying debris. This can increase their safety and also reduce your liability in case of an injury or accident.