5 Tips for Choosing Bottles to Sell Your Kombucha at Farmer's Markets

20 June 2017
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If you are making kombucha to sell at a farmer's market, you need bottles. Wondering what type of bottles are the best for kombucha? Take a look at these tips.

1. Use Recyclable Glass Bottles

Typically, the audience for kombucha tends to be environmentally minded. To keep them happy, you should use recyclable bottles. That way your clients don't have to throw the bottles in a landfill.

You may want to urge customers to bring the bottles back to you. That saves you money on the cost of buying new bottles, and if you like, you can charge a deposit for the bottles and refund it when the customers bring the bottles back.

2. Opt for Clear Glass

So your customers can see the colour of your kombucha, you should opt for clear glass. Amber glass clouds your product, and buyers may be less likely to buy it if they can't see the colour of the brew.

3. Buy a Larger Size Than You Need

When choosing size, remember that kombucha can produce a lot of air. If you don't want to have to burp your bottles, you need to leave extra space for the air. As a result, when honing in on the right size of bottles, make sure to choose bottles that are larger than the volume of kombucha you want to sell. For instance, if you want to sell your kombucha by the litre, you may want bottles that are a litre and a half in size.

4. Don't Choose Metal Caps

Metal can react with the kombucha, and because of that, you should not choose metal caps for your bottles. Even if you plan to be careful and never upturn the bottles, you still may want to opt for a different type of cap to be on the safe side.

In particular, consider going for a rubber lined cap that is shaped like a wine cork. That seals the bottle tightly and keeps out the air.

5. Think About Labels

You may also want to add labels to your bottles. Labels do more than just let customers know what's in the bottle. They also share your company name and contact details with customers. If you don't have your number on the label, potential customers won't be able to reach you. To that end, consider how the bottles will look with a label stuck on them, and keep that in mind as you make your decision.

To get more ideas, contact a facility that has recyclable bottles for sale.