What to expect in generator performance for 2019

22 February 2019
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Generators provide an alternative source of power for many different domestic and industrial applications. Over the years, generators have been designed to be more powerful, portable and easier to maintain. You can now purchase a smaller generator with a sturdy build and efficient power output.

In fact, 2019 witnessed the release of new generator models that provide superior performance with minimal maintenance. If you're looking to purchase a new generator for 2019, here are 4 features you can expect to see.

Compatibility with multiple fuel sources

Many older generators would run on either diesel or gas. This would force operators to choose one model and stick with a single type of fuel for the life of the generator. 2019 generators now use multiple fuel sources. While this feature, in itself, is not completely new, 2019 models can derive a higher level of efficiency from using gas, diesel, and propane on a regular basis. The generator engine is capable of using multiple fuel sources to produce electrical power with minimal energy wastage.

Propane is one of the most efficient fuel sources you can use for your generator engine. It results in fewer emissions and enables your machine to run for hours at a time. The ability to effortlessly switch fuel sources will also give you more flexibility when using your generator.

Surge protection

One of the biggest risks of generator use is that electrical output can fluctuate at a moment's notice. Power surges can destroy expensive domestic and industrial equipment if the generator produces fluctuating electrical supply.

In 2019 models, surge protection has been improved to prevent damage to your devices. You may already be familiar with this feature, but the latest generator models have a higher surge arrest rating for significant power output. Surge arrest automatically shuts off the machine if power fluctuation is detected, or there may be circuit breakers installed to regulate current flowing into your equipment.

Increasing power output for demanding applications

As you would expect, new generator models have a higher output rating than previous models. Through advanced engineering, they pack more power into a smaller engine and a more portable overall design. In addition, the engine is capable of having all its power output used to generate electricity. There is no loss of energy from the fuel to the engine and into your electrical devices.

Automatic shut-off when the fuel supply is low

Finally, 2019 models address the issue of your engine sucking in air when the fuel supply is low. The air inside the engine can cause blocking and damage to internal components. This issue is addressed by an automated shut-off signal that is triggered when fuel levels are low.

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