5 Tips for Choosing Bottles to Sell Your Kombucha at Farmer’s Markets

20 June 2017
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If you are making kombucha to sell at a farmer's market, you need bottles. Wondering what type of bottles are the best for kombucha? Take a look at these tips. 1. Use Recyclable Glass Bottles Typically, the audience for kombucha tends to be environmentally minded. To keep them happy, you should use recyclable bottles. That way your clients don't have to throw the bottles in a landfill. You may want to urge customers to bring the bottles back to you. Read More 

Comparing Turret Punching and Laser Cutting for Metal Works

17 January 2017
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Choosing the right metal fabricator is the secret to carrying out your project successfully. This lies in the techniques they use to prepare your materials and put them in order for your project. Fabricators with the right technology and machines come with the added of reduced costs, short delivery times and overall efficiency that cannot be matched by their competitors. Turret punching and laser cutting are some of the modern techniques used in process manufacturing of metal fittings and fixtures. Read More 

2 Quick Tips for Improving Mining Safety and Efficiency

5 December 2016
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When you're in charge of a mine of any sort, you want to think about the overall safety and efficiency of the site, and not just the average output of harvested materials. Improving safety and ensuring comfort of your workers can actually improve their efficiency and, in turn, the output of a mine, so it's good to consider all these aspects of running a mine itself. Note a few tips for improving safety for your workers and the overall efficiency of your mine site as well. Read More 

Goal Post Safety - Tips For Teachers

13 October 2016
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Kids love to play football, whether for the school team or just for fun outside of school hours.  If you're a sports teacher or supervisor tasked with overseeing a kids' footie match, safety is clearly a priority.  One area where accidents sometimes occur is in the vicinity of the goal.  So how do you make sure that everyone stays safe around the goal during your footie match?  Read on for some top tips. Read More 

Don’t Throw Your Left-Over Perspex Sheets Away

12 July 2016
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It's not justifiable for your home builder to increase your construction budget by buying excess quantities of building materials. But as life would have it, you must make the best of every situation you find yourself in. Instead of crying over spilt milk, here are three practical things you can do with the left over Perspex sheets from your home construction. Lower Your Water Utility Bills Metals (aluminium/steel gutters) exposed to water (rain) and moisture are vulnerable to degradation as a result of damage related to corrosion. Read More